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Please contact the appropriate folks below with any questions.

Chairperson Wayne White [email protected]
Operations Chair/Treasurer Linda Nelson [email protected]
Co-Programming Directors David Ellis [email protected]
T. K. Roberts [email protected]
Astronaut Liaison Bill Nelson [email protected]
Audio/Visual/Technical Director Marc Gustafson [email protected]
Programming Scheduler Jenny Link [email protected]
Hotel Liaison Mathew Michalak [email protected]
Banquets Manager Tony Bagley [email protected]
Publicity, Exhibitors; Advertising Christian Link [email protected]
Sponsorships Director J. J. Swiontek [email protected]
Art Show Director Bruce Miller [email protected]
Webmaster Karen Mermel [email protected]
Convention Registration Ron and Suzi Montoya [email protected]
Hospitality Suite Director Sue and Bill VanCleave [email protected] or [email protected]
VIP Relations Wynette Hoffman [email protected]
Admin Assistant Michelle Fourroux [email protected]
Operations/Conf Office/Volunteers Cass Marshall [email protected]
Photographer Greg Bradt [email protected]
Green Room Coordinator Gary Plana [email protected]
Operations/Conf Office/Volunteers
Tours Coordinator Dionne LeBeau [email protected]
Programming Track ManagersBennett Rutledge - Chapters[email protected]
- Youth
T.K. Roberts - Military[email protected]
Dale Schuh - Business
Milton Smith - Space Law[email protected]
Tony Muscatello - Mars[email protected]
Rose Gibbons - SciFi-Sci Fact[email protected]





If you've got questions, we've got answers. Please contact us.


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